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EventWeb documentation is not yet complete. Grayed out items are placeholders for upcoming information. Documentation will be added to the EventWeb web site on a regular basis, and included in new releases as they come along.

We recommend reading the Getting started document before running the demos.

As the name suggests, Overview describes the nature and purpose of the EventWeb project. Concepts describes the conceptual basis and explains terms used in the project. Components describes some specific components (Eg: services) included in this release.

When completed, Using Templates will walk new developers through the process of creating a service using the templates. Wire Protocol will describe the format and protocol used for communication between clients and servers. This information will allow non-java clients and/or servers to be created. EventWeb is designed for flexibility, Choices will describe different approaches to using EventWeb software.

Abbreviations, Javadoc, and Miscellaneous should be self-explanatory.

In addition to the documentation in this section, there is an explanation of each demo. The demo discussions are accessed through the Demos page.

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