This page is a temporary holding area for items that haven't found a home yet. Over time, items found here will move into the regular documentation, and new items may be added.


There are a lot of timestamp messages in EventWeb. Since the information is only marginally useful, the question of why may arise.

Think of the timestamp as an application level "ping". They're short, easily generated, and easily understood. If you send a timestamp request and get one back you know the server/service is running and you have a working connection to it.


There are a number of demos and classes whose names begin with "Simple". This means that the entity is designed to illustrate something. It has been made "simple" in order to make it easier to follow. Sometimes a Simple item will look simple, Eg: Simple Message Box, and sometimes it won't, Eg: Simple Backchannel Tester.

In SimpleBcTester a lot of items that would normally be in separate JavaScript files are all bundled together. Big and ugly, but hopefully easier to follow if you want to see how the JavaScript interacts with the applet. At the other extreme SimpleMsgBox demonstrates the use of the JavaScript that is included in the release.

!! (Double Exclamation)

At various places in the EventWeb code, there are two exclamation marks together in a comment. This is used to mark places we want to revisit at some time in the future.

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