EventWeb Components

This document is not complete. This version has a bit of information on some key components.

The Stand-Alone Server

EvwSrvr command line parameters.

Command line parameters begin with a dash and are not case sensitive.

The Request Router Service

The Publish/Subscribe Service

PublishProv is a lightweight publish/subscribe service. It's a service like any other, except the Request Router service has some special hooks for it: When the request router hosts and event provider, it uses PublishProv to publish the events.

The File Server

ByteFileHttpSrvc is a simple http file server. It's fairly crude, roughly equivalent to HTTP 1.0, but it successfully delivers files to a web browser.

It's purpose is to allow EventWeb stand-alone servers to run on hosts that don't have a web server. It works fine for low traffic applications, but probably wouldn't work well in a high load situation.

We may improve this service some, but we are not planning to create a full-blown web server.

The Generic Services

The Service Registry

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