Configuring the Server

If port 80 is available on your machine, you can run the demos as they are. If BcTestSrvr is still running you'll need to stop that to free port 80, but other than that you can move on to Running the EventWeb Demos.

You'll probably want to come back to this page later to try out other configurations.

Changing the demos port.

To change the demos port, you must edit two configuration files: EvwSrvr.ini defines the configuration for the demo server. EvwConfig.js specifies the port and root path the demo clients (web pages) use to access the server.

Changing the demos port in EvwSrvr.ini
EvwSrvr.ini is located in the bin directory. It contains entries for services and service managers. The services are mapped to service managers by their URL, so you have to change the port in both. All you really have to do is to change all the instances of //:80/ to //:new_port_number/. For example, to change the port to 1124, replace all the instances of //:80/ with //:1124/

Changing the demos port in EvwConfig.js
EvwConfig.js is located in the Resources directory. It contains information used by client web pages to access the EventWeb server. Most of the demos connect automatically, but some of the tools allow you to choose either the stand alone server or a servlet. Because of this there are three sets of entries: one for the stand alone server, one for the servlet, and one for the default.
If you change the stand-alone server port, you need to change the ewcEvwSrvrPort entry. For example, to change the stand-alone port to 1124:
change var ewcEvwSrvrPort = 80; to var ewcEvwSrvrPort = 1124;

Temporarily disabling a service.

When EvwSrvr reads it's initialization file it treats lines beginning with // as comments. The slashes must be the first two characters in the line for this to work.

More Information

For more information on EvwSrvr see The Stand-Alone Server in the Components document.

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