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EventWeb is a set of building blocks for creating distributed applications. The main focus is on applications that use a web browser as a thin client for web hosted applications. EventWeb allows a user to interact with a web application in the same way as a desktop application.

The key enabler for this is the creation of a bi-directional channel between the browser and the web server. This allows an event on the web server, such as a change in a data value, to cause new data to be pushed to the client, updating the web page in the browser. It also allows the browser to send new data to the server in response to user actions, (which in turn can trigger a response from the server).

EventWeb 0.7.0 supports WebSockets. Earlier versions of EventWeb used a custom channel that required an applet in the client web page. EventWeb 0.7 uses WebSockets for the channel, eliminating the requirement for the applet. (Applets have become increasingly awkward to use over the last few years, mostly because of added security restraints.) The original EventWeb channel is also supported.

EventWeb has a small footprint with regard to both system resources and network bandwidth. The only client side requirement is a web browser with support for JavaScript and either WebSockets or Java applets. No plug-in or other special features are required.


EventWeb is open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.


EventWeb 0.7.0-beta released 04/17/17.   Details.

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