EventWeb News

EventWeb 0.6.2-beta released 12/02/13.
  Added timestamp capability to I/O loggers.
  Added recHasMore() method to client channel.
  Added switch to server to turn off service listing in log output.
  Added ability to specify hosts allowed to access the server controller.
  Replaced SimpleBcTestSrvr with BcTestSrvr.
  Changed TvIoBase.js to handle asynchronous applet loads.
  Stand-alone server returns correct mime type with default page.

EventWeb 0.6.1-beta released 10/06/10.
  More flexible channel architecture
  The new design allows for variations in channel implementations. Different client and server channel implementations can be plugged into the EventWeb infrastructure.

EventWeb 0.6.0 released 10/21/09.
  Fixed command line parsing bug in BcstTool.
  Fixed minor (query parsing) bug in SimpleBcTestServlet.

EventWeb 0.6.0-beta released 09/29/09.
  Fixed minor bugs.
  Added SimpleBcTester.html to release package.
  Filled in more code documentation.

EventWeb 0.6.0-apha released 08/21/09.
  This is the first public release.

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