Using the EventWeb Tools

There are four web based tools to help manage EventWeb servers. You should already be familiar with the Backchannel Tester. The remaining three tools are covered here.

The Application Tester

The EventWeb App Tester is similar to the backchannel tester, but is more generic. It allows you to specify a service to connect to. Once connected, it allows you to build messages, send them to the service, and see the responses.

The Publish/Subscribe Status Page

The Pub/Sub Status Page shows the current state of the publish/subscribe service, and allows some simple tests.

The Server Controller

The EventWeb Server Controller Page is used to stop the server, and to get some information on it's internal state.

The controller connects to a custom service that runs on it's own port. (The default is 1129.) As a security measure, it only allows connections from the same host the server is running on. Also if you leave the controller page open and inactive, the server will eventually disconnect it. Either of these features could be changed fairly easily.

(This doc is a first cut. Directions for using the tools are coming.)

04/10/17  swt