Getting Started With EventWeb WebSockets

Deploy the EvwDemosWs servlet, run the demos, take a look at the code, and then build a service using one of the template services.

Deploy the EvwDemosWs.war file in the bin folder to your application server. If you have problems with this, the Using EventWeb Servlets page may help.

Once the servlet is deployed, try out the demos:

Running the Demos

In addition to the demos proper, the demos page contains some tools to help manage EventWeb applications:

Using the EventWeb Tools

When you're ready to create your own service, review the code for TpltEvwSimpleProvFtry (and the EvwDemosWsSrvrAppConf endpoint that hosts it). These modules are simple examples of EventWeb use, and the code has comments targeted to new EventWeb developers. There is also javadoc for the EventWeb classes.

04/08/17  swt